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Security and Risk Management training

SAFE ShoppingCenters are giving a seminar in security and risk management as a part of the “Degree in shopping centre management” programme.
The programme consist of 4 modules spanning over 12-months and is arranged by Kiinko, who is owned by Finland’s main real estate associations. Kiinko supports the Finnish real estate and construction industry by providing courses and education programmes for professionals involved in all aspects of the property business.

The Security and Risk Management seminar takes place in Tallin, Estonia in the end of January 2019.

More information: https://www.kiinko.fi/en

Apply for the programme 2019/2020 here


Mylly Kauppakeskus – a SAFE Retail Destination!

Mylly Kauppakeskus, Turku, takes an extra step for the safety and security of their shopping center tenants, visitors and team members by becoming the first certified SAFE Retail Destination in Finland!

“Events in the world and in our immediate surroundings have shown the importance of safety in shopping centers” says Kati Kivimäki, Managing Director at Mylly, and believes that safety will become even more important in the future of the shopping center.

During the certification “We went through hundreds of different things and documents and went through the whole shopping center: customer spaces, maintenance corridors, parking areas and technical rooms. We also tested customer safety, including the emergency buttons for lifts and disabled facilities, and the time it took to get help. We received praise for good documentation and commitment to security development”, says Kati Kivimäki.

“We’ve have already done plenty of things to make the customer feel safe and pleasant in Mylly. The certificate shows that we take security matters seriously and we can handle it well”, says Managing Director Kati Kivimäki at Mylly Shopping Center.


Anti-terror training

SAFE ShoppingCenters had the pleasure to be invited to monitor the excercise “Ragnarok II”, a joint anti-terrorist training in Denmark.
Danish police worked together with different military units, fire and emergency services, to handle an extrem situation in a shopping center.
A great shopping center owner supported by providing a shopping mall to be used as training grounds for this important exercise.

NCSC Finnish awards

SAFE ShoppingCenters is proud sponsor of NCSC Finnish awards in the category “Best innovation”.
We concgratulate Pikkulaiva shopping center to the award!

Study tour – Berlin Hauptbahnhof

SAFE ShoppingCenters arranged a study tour to Berlin Hautbahnhof together with a number of key clients in order to study different risk management solutions and public/private coordination when integrating high-traffic transportation hubs in a shopping center environment. Highly appreciated presentation by Deutsche Bahn, followed by on-site visit and very interesting discussions.

Fastighetsbåten 2018


SAFE ShoppingCenters participated in the  yearly seminar Fatighetsbåten, hosted by Fasticon in Stockholm.
This year’s seminar touched on socially and economically vulnerable areas with its challenges in terms of insecurity and criminal presence, which contributes to the loss of investment, profitability and attractiveness of residential areas and centers. Apart from SAFE ShoppingCenters CEO, Erik Engstrand, the panel consisted of representatives from property owners and developers, police and Swedish civil contingencies agency.


Retail Risk Conference – Dusseldorf

SAFE ShoppingCenters CEO, Erik Engstrand, is keynote speaker at the international retail risk conference in Dusseldorf, september 19th.

Retail risk is an international conference series with venues in UK,USA, Germany, Australia and UAE. For further information, please visit https://www.retailrisk.com/

NCSC – Nordic risk management partner

SAFE ShoppingCenters strengthen their cooperation with Nordic Council of Shopping Centers and have been appointed “NCSC – Nordic risk management partner”.

First certified shopping centers in Russia

As a pioneer in Russia, the Finnish group SRV have engaged SAFE ShoppingCenters to conduct assessment on their Russian shopping center portfolio in St.Petersburg. The centers, Pearl Plaza (96 000 m2 GLA) and Okhta Mall (78 000 m2 GLA) both achieved excellent results and received the SAFE Retail Destination certificate.

“SRV, as an international company, is very careful about the safety and sustainability of projects that it owns or manages. For the evaluation, we chose the Swedish company SAFE Shopping Centers, which specializes in this area of ​​activity and has extensive expertise in this area. SAFE Shopping Centers experts assessed all systems and processes that affect the safety of visitors in shopping centers.” says Patrik Sjoberg, Head of Shopping Center Management.






Guide to shopping center risk and security

Today we have released the “Guide to shopping center risk an security”. A cooperation between SAFE ShoppingCenters, Nordic council of shopping centers and Citycon.
SAFE ShoppingCenters

The guide is developed by SAFE ShoppingCenters, in cooperation with Nordic council of shopping centers and Citycon, for the Nordic and Baltic shopping center community, and aims to give guidance and provide knowledge of the basic risk and security management needs. It covers topics like risk assessment, security planning and crisis management as well as high threat procedures that should be in place in a shopping center.

You can download your own free copy at: https://goo.gl/XC1y18

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