Bussiness idea

To be the accreditation partner of choice for international shopping center owners, investors and retailers. 


To provide a solution to effectively manage risk, resilience and security for shopping centers and retailers.


Develop, evaluate and accredit shopping centers globally for the benefit of owners, investors, operators and retailers.  



When SAFE ShoppingCenters’ founder and CEO, Erik Engstrand, was heading Swedish fashion retailer Lindex’s global risk and security operations he searched in vain for a global risk and security management standard for shopping centers when they expanded their retail business into more and complex international markets.

Erik searched with the insurance brokers and also with the shopping center industry but did not find any standards.

Later, Erik started to look again for an international standard when harmonising IKEA Shopping Centers’ risk and security management in Russia & CIS to improve their business but still did not find any standards.

So Erik resolved to create an international standard specific for shopping centers and set out on a journey to do that.

Before SAFE ShoppingCenters there was no recognised international risk, resilience and security management standard for shopping centers.

Erik works in partnership with veteran real estate investor/manager Philip Jones.

Philip is well known with the international shopping centers business enviroment from an owner/investor and operator perspective.

Together they founded SAFE ShoppingCenters to provide an accreditation process tailored to the needs of international shopping center investors, operators and retailers

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Before SAFE ShoppingCenters there

was no recognised security standard.

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Safe shopping centers Accreditation

Business Benefits: Research demonstrates that investing in accreditation and standards pays dividends for organizations and that the benefits of standards far outweigh the cost of their implementation.




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SAFE ShoppingCenter audit categories


» Organizational structure, defined responsibilities

» Administration and documentation

» Risk management, processes and procedures

» Life safety procedures

» Data, IT and information security

» Fire prevention and fire safety management

» Business continuity, crisis management, emergency response and natural hazards

» Tenant relations and effective enforcement

» Facility management and operations related to risk, resilience and security

» Theft, fraud and loss prevention

» Anti-terrorist and extreme threat routines, including active shooter procedures

Why was there no shopping center risk, resilience and security management standard before SAFE ShoppingCenters?

» Other real estate asset classes have standards born out of self-imposed limitations on construction materials and operating practice.

» FM (Factory Mutual) standards emerged in the 1830s when American mill owners joined together to reduce risk.

» Shopping Centers evolved in the 1960s by which time standards for industrial and office assets were tried and tested.

» In the wake of the financial crisis the world has witnessed growth in the awareness of risk and security management.

» There has been no organized push from the shopping center business or from retailers.

» Shopping centers are the outstanding real estate asset class yet to adopt a standard.

What is the SAFE ShoppingCenters standard?

Areas: The shopping center risk, resilience and security standard

» The standard is a set of clear criteria for risk, resilience and security management defining best practice in the operation of shopping centers.

» The standard focusses on implemented management and procedures rather than technology and construction related matters.

» It is concerned with reputational risk, organizational resilience, security structure, organisation, fire, security and life safety.

» The standard is a demanding benchmark against which the management of any shopping center is measured.



1. Risk management, risk assessment

2. Resilience, business continuity, crisis management and emergency response

3. Security management



RISK, resilience and SECURITY

What is Operational Risk and Resilience?

» Operation risk as "the risk of a change in value caused

by the fact that actual losses, incurred for inadequate or

failed internal processes, people and systems, or from

external events (including legal risk), differ from the

expected losses".


» In shopping centers we examine three key

categories of risk:

• Organisational and structural risk

• Systemic and integrated risk

• Security risks


» Other risk categories we focus on include:

• Reputational risk

• Fraud and anti-Corruption

• Business interruption, crisis management and emergency response

• Physical security risk

• Technical security systems risk


What is Resilience?

A resilient organization is one that can achieve its core objectives, even in the face of adversity. It enables organizations to adapt and grow regardless of the exigencies, events and risks within their operating environment.


Operational risk is a broad discipline, close to good management and quality management. In similar fashion, operational risks affect tenant and customer satisfaction, reputation and shareholder value, all while increasing business volatility





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